Can we effectively tap the Gig Mindset for Internal Communications? Watch this Video Interview with Jane McConnell to gain deep insights!

Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D.
3 min readJan 28, 2022


Delighted to share Edition 20 of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series’ featuring Jane McConnell.Jane is a doyen on internal digital platforms and engaging the gig workforce. Over decades she has run global surveys that provided insights on how to make the most of digital forums. I had the honor of chatting with her on an important topic — the gig mindset and what it means for internal communications. She is the author of “The Gig Mindset Advantage: A Bold New Breed of Employee” and addressed a critical component of internal communications — internal digital media and how evolving staff expectations have disrupted how organizations can connect, engage and survive in the future.

In the Spotlight on Internal Communications Series, I talk to thought leaders on topics interrelated with internal communications such as culture, crisis, change, executive presence and leadership. The goal is to help unravel why they matter, what can leaders and communicators learn from experts and how we can put insights to practice.

I spoke to Jane about the trends she has spotted based on the valuable surveys she runs for decades. The deep insights from these studies have resulted in her recommending solutions for organizations worldwide and inspiring the most appropriate internal digital strategies. She firmly believes there is a shift in how organizations engage on digital media within and what it means for co-creation of content among staff. Internal communicators are expected to be networkers and connectors who bring together disparate pieces of the organizational puzzle together and make the most of the organization’s resources for shared success.

“The general guideline today is communicating in good faith, like networkers and how they can enable people throughout the organization to build their own networks with others in the organization. So, there’s a network of people contributing information and news to the organization and thinking as a network and I think what makes the internal communicator play a very critical role in the survivability of an organization”, she says.

Watch the video interview or read the complete transcript on my blog.

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